Summers in Johannesburg are unbearable without reliable Home Fix Crew. If your unit isn't producing cold air like it should, give us a call right away for air conditioner repair. We specialize in providing whole home comfort solutions year round so whether your AC needs servicing, your heater needs to be replaced, or something in between, we're the reliable team to call.



In many cases, air conditioning repair is sufficient in order to fix most AC problems. However, if you experience any of the following issues, you may need to consider a central air conditioner installation instead:

  • Aircon Regas
  • Filter Replacements & Cleaning
  • General Aircon Servicing


Make sure that the thermostat is set to AC or “cool," that the temperature setting is correct, and that the battery is fresh. Second, check the circuit breaker: It could simply be a tripped fuse.

Airflow is paramount to comfort," notes Hutchinson. If you aren’t comfortable, the problem usually can be traced to issues with airflow. Outdoors, make sure there's at least 24 inches of clearance on the sides and 5 feet on top of the unit. Also, check to make sure there are no obstructions to the home's cold air returns and registers

Repair and maintenance of air conditioners in Johannesburg

To keep your air conditioning unit in top performing condition, make sure that your unit is well maintained:

  • An air conditioner needs to be serviced regularly: every 6 to 12 months for residential use; every 3 to 6 months for commercial and retail use.
  • Our city's air is very dirty and all that dirt gets trapped in the filters therefore regular servicing is absolutely essential.
  • Pipes and ducts also need to be checked regularly.

Although this is an easy task rather leave it to professionals like Home Fix Crew. Ask us about a maintenance plan to ensure your air conditioner gives you service for many years to come!

Do you know about inverter air conditioning?

Inverter air conditioning is more expensive than non-inverter air conditioning, but with the deteriorating state of the energy system in South Africa, it is a worthy investment to consider.  The main difference is that an inverter air conditioning unit delivers a fixed amount of power using a fixed speed compressor. The speed of the compressor varies, so as to deliver the precise cooling or heating power required.

Benefits of inverter air conditioning

  • Up to 40% cheaper to run as it consumes less power
  • Reaches the desired temperature quicker
  • Startup time is reduced by 30%
  • Much quieter when running
  • No temperature fluctuations, therefor maximizing comfort level
  • No voltage peaks from the compressor
  • All Samsung inverter air conditioners are heat pumps which in itself is one of the most energy efficient form of heating.

How does inverter air conditioning work?

The amount of cooling or heating required by an air conditioner varies depending on the outdoor temperature and the amount of heat in the room. When cooling or heating capacity needs to be decreased, the compressor will operate at a high speed and will increase the amount of refrigerant flow.

When the inverter air conditioner is switched on, the compressor operates at a high speed in order to cool or heat the room quicker.