15 Dec

On-Site Servicing and Repairs:

  • 24/7 call-out service 
  • Can perform general inspections, minor and Major services and any repairs on-site. 
  • Our partners have a wide variety of spare parts on hand.
  • Stationary generators do not need to be moved or disconnected
  • Additional cost for travelling to you 

Off-Site Servicing and Repairs:

  • No call-out fee
  • Quick diagnostic tools
  • Perfect for mobile units 
  • No appointment required

Contact us today for all on-site and off-site repairs.

Typical Generator failures  

Even if a generator is maintained correctly it will sometimes fail. These failures can often be difficult to diagnose and repair. We recommend contacting a Homefixcrew technician partner for quick and easy diagnosis and repair. Here are some of the most common failures:

  • Wires can rust, tear, or cut. The damaged wiring needs immediate repair. Poor wiring causes low voltage alerts, broken gauges, and tripped breakers.
  • Fuel Failures are very common with various types of fuel tank contamination being the most frequent source.  Algae, bugs, and sediments can clog fuel lines and carburettors as well.
  • Belt Failures are very common, especially where the energy from the engine is transferred to the generator via a belt drive. 
  • Battery failures are quite common and can lead to many problems. Batteries should be replaced at least every 3 years to ensure reliable startup and operation.
  • Burnt components are also quite common because many components will be exposed to high-heat environments.
  • Engine failure is also very common on generators that were not serviced and maintained correctly.

Any of these issues can be fixed by a vetted HomeFixCrew technician partner by contacting us today. 

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